About Us

ABC is a Biotechnology Company from  China. We are  in scientific reagent products like Lipids, PEG Derivatives, Crosslinking Reagent and the like for years. Products we offered are for research only, not for human being or medicine production.  We offer advanced chemicals for life science, Medical and Pharmacy Science research. Service fields of medicine delivery and so on. abc company adheres to the operation philosophy of quality first, thus has a very strict standard for the product quality. The purity of our Lipids and phospholipids is above 99%.  Phoshilipids that Resenbio is engaged in include 

Phosphatidylcholin,Phosphatidylethanolamine,Phosphatidylglycerol,PhosphatidicAcid,Phosphatidylserine,MPEGylatedPhospholipids,Cholesterol and so on. PEG Derivatives that Resenbio is engaged in include Amine PEGs,Carboxylic Acids PEGs,Succinimidyl Carboxymethyl PEGs,Biotin PEGs,Maleimides PEGs,Thiols PEGs,Silane PEGs,Hydroxyls PEGs,FMOC tBOC PEGs,Multi-Arms PEGs,OPSS PEGs, Click PEGs, Monodispersed PEGs and so on. Our products are sold all over the world.. The existing packing we have at present includes 50mg, 200mg,500mg and 1g. And we can also make the packing as per Clients’ request so as to satisfy their various purchasing requests. And we can also provide customized service of PEG Derivatives. We adhere to the operation philosophy of “Quality First and Humanity Customer Service” so as to deliver our qualified products to the customer more safely and quickly. Our service goal is to make it more convenient for the client to place order and make payment, to receive the order more quickly and to make customized service as per clients’ personalized service.